Stephen Eastaugh is a visual artist with severe wanderlust as over the past thirty years he has travelled to over eighty countries scattered across all continents.

He has become highly adept at packing his bags in order to cross borders and oceans.

Below are a selection of articles and films dealing with the artistís unstill-life.


     Unstill life documentary. 2014

     A selection of Eastaugh's films

   Drift and Flow. M.Delany 2012

     Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents Club Dinner talk. 2011

     S by S.E. D.Hansen.2012

   A.I.R. on Ice. S. Eastaugh 2009

    BLIZZLINES.  S.Eastaugh 2009 

     ABC TV Art Nation profile. 2010

     Wandering Star. A. Crawford. 2010 

     Everysomewherever.  L.Schmidtl. 2008

     Antarctica's icy calling. A.Crawford. 2004

     The Art of Travel. J.Thomsom. 2004

     Elastic. S.Eastaugh. 2003


     Mr Stephen Eastaugh.  M. Watanaporn. (Thai)  2001

     Altered States. A. Crawford.1998

     Belly of an artist. S. Eastaugh. 1994